At Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, we understand design and engineering as instruments to change the world through creativity, innovation and critical thinking.

For almost 60 years we have been committed to an open, flexible and multidisciplinary line of education and research oriented towards the professional world. We are affiliated with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, one of the most prestigious universities in Barcelona and Europe.

We have trained more than 17,000 students from 70 countries to help them address and overcome professional challenges, while bearing in mind social, environmental and gender-related aspects. 

We therefore encourage multidisciplinary research, strongly geared towards connecting companies, institutions, non-profit organizations and universities around the world. We collaborate with partners like Fútbol Club Barcelona, elBullifoundation, Adidas, Vitra, Doctors Without Borders, SEAT, Danone and MUJI, among others.

The school is located in Barcelona, the capital of design. We are lucky to be in a cosmopolitan city that offers excellent cultural and leisure activities. Barcelona lives and breathes design.