The Transylvanian Furniture Cluster was established in 2012 as a legal entity association type and its main activity resides in the furniture manufacturing sector. 

The Cluster represents 86 members and it’s a platform for cooperation and networking of furniture manufacturers, representation of interests, educational and research institutions, and public administration. 

The membership of the cluster consist of 63 companies, 11 research and education institution, 8 catalysts and 2 public institution. In 2018 the revenue was around 10 million euros, with more than 4 thousand employees.

The main goal of the cluster is to increase economic competitiveness, on both domestic and foreign markets, based on quality, innovation and sustainable development. 

An essential part in this undertaking is strengthening the cooperation among manufacturing companies and R&D bodies. Through active partnerships in the cluster, companies receive early information on future developments and trends that are set to shape the competitive situation and can thus enhance their competitiveness in co-operative form.

The services the clusters provides for the members include:

  • Business matchmaking, partnerships development, project development and/or business relationships, as well as access to the cluster programs: Gate for Export, Acquisition Centre, Learn2Do and access to complex statistical data from furniture industry;
  • Joint use of the cluster RDI infrastructure: Functional coatings laboratory – colour recipe design; paint thickness measurement; wood moisture measurement
  • Involvement in research-development-innovation actions, focusing on product and/or service development projects
  • Internationalization services: organization of economic missions, participation on trade fairs and matchmaking events;
  • Participation in programs and trainings organized by the cluster
  • Subsidiary for innovation: product design; development of materials and constructive solutions; product prototype development; production flow optimization.

TFC is founding member of Northern Transylvania Clusters Consortium, who annually organizes the Transylvanian Clusters International Conference aiming to support the economic environment and to facilitate the international exchange of knowledge and good practices. providing a cross-sectoral collaboration platform for addressing global challenges.