One of the most dynamic Romanian institutions in the field, the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca offers its students and professors an exceptional opening and opportunities of artistic manifestation and creation by providing exhibition and work spaces and also by the internal and international partnerships signed with museums, galleries, academies, art schools, art universities and institutes where the University’s representatives have the chance to enter in a direct contact with the nowadays contemporary art’s tendencies and directions, but they can also leave their personal mark of creativity and Transylvanian or Romanian authenticity.

UAD’s fundamental mission is to provide an education of highest quality to those intending to follow a carrier in the field of the visual arts (fine arts, decorative arts and design) and to contribute, through artistic creation and research, to the development of the society by satisfying the needs of the community, anticipating and influencing them. Tradition, creativity and innovation are key concepts in our philosophy, positioning our creation and research activities towards the investigation of the national and universal heritage, towards the observation of the contemporary (visual) culture and towards the examination of the most recent scientific theories and technologies. All of these have as a result new forms of creation and artistic practices leading towards the improvement of the (post)industrial social and economic environment.  

Academic Structures

There are two faculties: the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, then the Doctoral School (in Visual Arts) and the Teacher Training Department.