Zamek Cieszyn (Cieszyn Castle) is a first Polish regional design center. It is a municipal body which aims are to harness the potential of designers to stimulate development in Poland, especially in Silesia region. 

The main challenge for the organization is to promote design as a tool for increasing the competitiveness of businesses and public bodies. Our particular focuses are: implementation of design thinking and service design into the private and public sector, launching new products, promoting cultural tourism and crafts.

We present and educate young designers, entrepreneurs, youth and tourists showing modern design and architecture. We also protect traditional craft at the same time promoting it’s remarkable new roles. Zamek promotes the idea of Design for All, which involves keeping physical, social and cultural differences in mind. Our different objectives are achieved mainly through trainings and promotion, cooperation with scientific research centers, business, business support institutions, NGOs, local governments, including foreign entities. We hire 22 people. Zamek Cieszyn was involved in the international projects (e.g. See Sharing Experience Europe, Design Silesia, Human Cities, also Visegrad projects), it is also home of Silesian Design Cluster.