INTRIDE’s open innovation platform ( has the mission to connect designers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, manufacturing company workers and other interested parties and work collaboratively on real solutions to the current needs of SMEs in the manufacturing sector.

This platform will share and present “challenges” that the INTRIDE partnership or other entities may have regarding any need in terms of design and innovation in the manufacturing sector.

Platform visitors will be able to see these challenges and know exactly what is being proposed, who is raising the challenge and how they can participate in this challenge.  Yes of course! If you are interested in the challenge, you can collaborate in its solution.

The platform, in addition to connecting the INTRIDE community, wants to be a relevant point of information. In its “concepts and demos” section you will find inspiring examples of design and innovation. And in “design resources” we are going to share tools, publications, podcasts and other useful resources for the INTRIDE community.Join the platform and participate in our future “challenges” and contact us to propose new challenges, share inspiring cases or resources of interest!