On 9th June 2021 WSB University and Castle Cieszyn team met with traditional manufacturers to talk about WSB proposal for INTRIDE JMDP.

The meeting took place in Castle Cieszyn premises. 26 people talk about all aspects of JMDP.

Firstly Lubomira Trojan and Ewelina Widerska presented INTRIDE Joint Master Degree Program and shortly described all 6 moduls with special Focus on modul 2 – „Economics, bussines model and circular econmoy’ which will be leader by Polish partners – WSB and Cieszyn Castle. 

Then all researchers and trainers presented theirs ideas for specific units in Modul no. 2. After each presentation researchers discussed the idea with representatives of traditional manufacturers but also with consulting companies and ie. Academic Career Office Staff. 

1st Unit – Circural economy – described by Paweł Sobczak PhD,

2nd Unit – Sustainable Logistics – described by Paweł Sobczak PhD,

3rd Unit – Heuristic methods – described by Paweł Sobczak PhD,

4th Unit – Strategic partnerships and alliances in creative industries described by Joanna Kurowska-Pysz, prof. And Łukasz Wróblewski, prof. 

5th Unit – Between recycling  and upcycling described by Ewa Gołębiewska

6th Unit – Innovations by design. Design management in business – described by Lubomira Trojan

Also the community platform main assumptions were presented. Participants rated platform idea rather high. They recommended that also they may work with students and bring their business problems to be a case studies for students to work on the platform. Most of entrepreneurs were very excited about idea of JMPD. Some of them even asked if they could join this program as students or second one of enterprise Staff to join JMDP pilot and learn from international and divers environment. 

Participants also filled survey related to their rating for INTRIDE JMDP idea and to second Modul that will be leader by Polish Partners. Most detailed information will be available on intride.eu website soon.

In workshop participated entrepreneurs from companies and small businesses like: traditional bakery, traditional wooden toys, traditional furniture, carpenters and musicians reconstructing church organs and old musical instruments, representative of consulting companies, architects and designers, hotels, social enterprises and many more.