The University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca participated at implementing the project INTRIDE, “Soft, Digital and Green Skills for Smart Designers: Designers as Innovative Triggers for SMEs in the manufacturing sector” within the project period of 36 months, January 2020 – December 2022, through a team of teaching staff of the Design Department and the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator as the manager.

The activities of the project were complex and intense by the continuous interaction and cooperation with the Coordinator of the project and the other partners in the project.

As the project period ends this December, our team organized activities for disseminating the results of INTRIDE project with focus on presenting the teaching materials developed within the framework of this project for the joint curriculum for a Joint Master Degree Program having the title  “Strategic Design for Innovation in the manufacturing sector”, for Smart Designers, and the approach of cooperation and partnerships between students, graduates, trainers, entrepreneurs in order to offer the students the competencies related to Soft, Digital and Green Skills, as they are required by the labor market and identified within this project.

The dissemination activities carried out this month have been:

Presentation of the INTRIDE Project to the students of UAD under the topic “Skills for vocational excellence”
7th of December 2022, Conference Hall at Mathias Corvin House of UAD
Organizer: Doina Ienei, Lecturer PhD at the course of Digital Image Processing;

Online meeting with teaching staff of the Fashion Design Department and PhD students:
Presentation of the INTRIDE Project and discussion on the content of the Joint Master Degree Program developed within INTRIDE project – common concepts that could be applied in the Fashion Sector
9th of December 2022, organizer: Doina Ienei, Lecturer PhD.

Workshop organized at the Design Department under the topic
The impact of INTRIDE project on the students of UAD
Organizers: Ciprian Mihnea, Assoc. Prof. PhD., Director of the Design Department and the teaching staff from the team of UAD in the Intride Project.
13th of December 2022 at Design Department;

Presentation of the results of the INTRIDE
Project on the site of UAD, on the Facebook page of the Design Department of UAD and the Facebook page of the Erasmus+ Office of UAD by the Erasmus+ Office of UAD.