The EU overview was necessary to identify courses of interest for the development of soft, digital and green skills for the designer.

The mapping at European level (Key Master Programmes According to INTRIDE Skills – State of the art in Europe) was conducted with specific reference to master’s degree courses, first and second level masters and any specialization / advanced courses, concerning both the state and public university system and the private university sector.

The European state of the art shows the analysis of the situation present in 18 EU countries, of which 4 countries partner of the INTRIDE project (Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain). It was considered interesting and useful to also include Great Britain in the analysis in order to try to have an overview as clear as possible.

The data collected highlighted about 80 master courses, activated in about 71 EU HEIs, belonging to both the public and private sectors.

Level of presence of INTRIDE key skills in master programs:

Soft skills – 54 master programs

Digital skills – 50 master programs

Green skills – 22 master programs

The number of master courses in which soft skills are taught is predominant. Following the digital skills, at a close distance. The presence of green skills is more than 50% lower than the values of soft and digital skills.

From the mapping of the European situation, it clearly emerges that the presence of master programs that tackle the development of INTRIDE project’s key skills is well distributed.

Apart from the 4 master programs highlighted in the EU state of the art – activated in Denmark, Netherlands, Germany and Norway – it clearly emerges how much the main output of the INTRIDE project is necessary and contingent.

The general feedback is that this analysis was fundamental for highlighting two critical issues to keep in mind in the development of the JMDP: the presence of very few master programs that include the integration of INTRIDE key skills and the low percentage of green skills.

The activation of a joint master program – multi and crossdisciplinary – which aims to address the development of the soft / digital / green skills in the key figure of the designer is a current need and an opportunity that should not be missed.

Regarding what mentioned above, the data collected and presented are subject to variations and continuous updates.