In the Open Innovation Platform of the INTRIDE project the training materials for the advanced courseDesign for Sustainability in the Manufacturing Sector” are available. The purpose of this course is to train designers with digital, green and soft skills necessary to face the new trends, market needs and challenges and promote and catalyse innovation in manufacturing companies.

Designers are key players in the innovation processes of manufacturing SMEs and need to constantly update their knowledge and skills to maintain and increase the competitiveness of their SMEs. Based on this, the topics covered by this course are: i) design and sustainability; ii) economics, business model and circular economy; and iii) product and service design.

The INTRIDE Open Innovation Platform, in addition to hosting the INTRIDE training materials, allows designers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, workers from manufacturing companies and other interested parties to connect and work collaboratively to find solutions to challenges launched by the members of the INTRIDE open community on design and innovation in the manufacturing sector.

In the Platform section “concepts and demos” you will also find inspiring examples of design and innovation. And in “design resources” you have open access to tools, publications, videos and other useful resources for the INTRIDE community.

Join the platform and be part of the INTRIDE open community ! and you will have access to the training materials and other resources; you will connect with other entities/professionals; and you will be able to participate in one of the challenges launched gaining knowledge and enlarging your network of contacts.