National Educational Offer: Design Masters & Degrees according to INTRIDE key skills

The State of the Art report of the Italian educational offer in design masters & degrees acts as an analysis of Italy’s national High Education offer. The research and mapping is concentrated in the MA courses, first and second level Masters and in any specialization/advanced courses, all concerning the State University system. The private university sector was therefore not taken into consideration.

From all of Italy’s national offer, the Italian partner DIDA started by focusing on those Programmes which dealt with the subject of Design, studying their training paths in order to gain a deeper understanding in which skills and competences were most relevant and how they approached them.

The objective was to gain an overview on how those particular skills are effectively included in already existing academic learning paths and were divided and organised into the categories of Digital, Green and Soft.

In Italy there are 20 Bachelor Design (BA) course and 21 Master Design (MA) course (Source CUID Conference) related to the INTRIDE key skills (soft, digital and green).

From this mapping, it was made a selection regarding the educational programmes connected to soft, digital and green skills. The result is a short list of 13 Training programmes, each one belonging to one of these main categories, while also registering if they include any other type of competences related with the INTRIDE project.

Despite this general situation presented above, there is no integrated training path that combines all the key skills (green, soft, digital) of the INTRIDE project and of the individual MA courses presented.

So it emerges that the joint curriculum outlined as the output of the INTRIDE project is very relevant in the Italian context!