The State of the Art report of the Spanish educational offer in design masters & degrees  acts as an analysis of Spain’s national High Education offer, while also contemplating its most relevant Technological Centres and Industrial Clusters, according to INTRIDE’s focus on certain knowledge areas, skills and competences.

The goal is to summarise and visualise the country’s particular landscape where these three actors and stakeholders (High Education Institutions, Tech Centers and Clusters) cross paths, in regards to the current situation so they can be better projected into the future when designing the new training programme. 

National Educational Offer: Design Masters & Degrees 

From all of Spain’s national offer, the spanish partners of INTRIDE project started by focusing on those Programmes which dealt with the subject of Design, selecting those that focused on Product, Industrial, Furniture & Habitat.

The next step was to study their Training Paths, in order to gain a deeper understanding in which skills and competences were most relevant and how they approached them, helping them to identify those programmes that could better inform their benchmarking process and thus, future stages of INTRIDE.

In this scenario, a total of 15 Master programmes and 18 Bachelor Degrees were selected, both from the public and private sector. 

National Educational Offer: Design Masters & Degrees According to INTRIDE SKILLS

In parallel to the Design-based Teaching Programmes , ELISAVA, CENFIM and LEITAT also identified and studied other Key national Masters that were focused on the skills and competencies identified in both the National survey and the Workshops done in earlier stages.

The objective was to gain a deeper understanding on how those particular skills are effectively included in already existing academic programmes and were divided and organised into the categories of Technical, Digital, Design, Green and Soft.

The result is a short list of 14 Training programmes, each one belonging to one of these main categories, while also registering if they include any other type of competences related with the INTRIDE project.